5 Tips To GroW Your
Instagram Following


Has your Instagram following come to a bit of a standstill? Are you looking for ways to give your account a much-needed boost?

Here’s our Top 5 Tips for how we grew Once Wed’s Instagram following by 150% (from 40K to 100K followers) in just 9 months.

  1. Share more photos. Followers like seeing fresh content. Hit the archives and find some of your favorite images to share. Set yourself a goal of posting 3 - 5 new pics each week.

  2. Be strategic with posting times. If you want people to see your content, be sure to share photos when your followers are most active. There are free apps available to help you collect this information.

  3. Use strong hashtags. Think about the types of hashtags that would resonate most strongly with your images. Do your research and seek out the most relevant and well-used hashtags in your market. But don’t go overboard! Rotate through different hashtags each time you post. 3-5 hashtags per image should do it.

  4. Tag fellow creatives. Tagging contributors in an image will often lead to regrams which is an opportunity to have your work exposed to other people who many not yet know about your business.

  5. Stay true to brand. If you don’t have enough wedding-related images in your portfolio to share, don’t worry! Sharing other images that communicate what your brand is about and they way you see the world and beauty around you is just as important. It also helps followers get a better sense of who you are as a creative.

Bonus Tip: Review your approach regularly. As you gain new followers you may find some of your metrics change, such as the number of images you share, ideal posting times, and most effective hashtags.

Photography Credit(left to right): Erich Mcvey, Rylee Hitchner, Meghan Kay Sadler, Erich Mcvey