5 ways to improve your detail shots


Images of the details of a wedding are by no means as important as the pictures of the people and their emotions and relationships. But the material details do tell a story about the day and the people involved and they are an important part of getting published. So let’s look at how to shoot them beautifully and efficiently.

Let’s start by looking at a little clip with some tips on how to shoot an invitation...


Here are the five main points from the clip as they apply more generally to shooting any details:

1. Remember you have a whole layout to work with.

Don’t feel pressured to cram everything into one shot. Keep in mind that you will have a whole album and/or blog post to tell the story.

2. Shoot one detail at a time.

It’s ok for other details to appear as “backup singers,” “supporting cast,” “garnishes,” or “accessories” but there needs to be one clear lead in each shot. The shoes could appear in the corner of a bouquet shot or vise versa but details don’t like to share the spotlight in any given frame.

3. Eliminate distractions.

Editing is one of the most important tasks in styling. Remove any elements that are not contributing enough to the composition and message of the shot.

4. Make it make sense.

Pairing the envelope with the invitation makes sense. Strive to make your images pretty but also logical. Our brains accept them better that way.

5. Make sure we can see the details.

Don’t lose sight of the fact that the point of the shot is to see the details. It’s hard to count it as a good detail shot if the invitation is so blown out or so small in the frame that we can’t see the words, font, and textures of the invitation. Do your best to make sure we can see some clear details of the paper, shoes, flowers, favors, or whatever it may be.





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