Attracting Your Dream Client

By Rylee Hitchner


Identify Your Ideal Client
Have you heard this dating tip about how to keep from settling for less than the best? First, imagine your dream guy or gal and write down 10+ qualities you imagine he or she would possess. Then, refer to this list as you date to know that you are staying true to your ideal standards.

Whether or not that’s good advice, I do like to use a similar system for identifying my dream client. Because starting with a vision is crucial.

Get imaginative and write down who your dream client is. What is she like? Where is her wedding? What is important to her? What does her dress look like? Write down even the most detailed qualities.

Edit With Them in Mind
So, you have your client in mind. But now you have to find her. Look at your portfolio and ask yourself if your portfolio as is is attracting your dream client. Can she see herself as your client? Does she want you at her wedding?

Every time you add to your portfolio, ask yourself if this is helping you find her and her find you. She might be looking at your portfolio right now. What would you change?

If you don’t have the content that would attract her now, invest and begin creating a portfolio you truly believe meets your highest standards. This may also mean hiring a new portfolio designer, putting together a styled shoot, or advertising with a publication where you think she may spend her time!

Pursue Excellence
-With everything you share, be consistent and show only your best work.
-In every interaction with the clients you have today (whether there are many or few… whether they are your dream client or not!!), treat them with upmost respect and be genuinely grateful that they have trusted you with working on the most important day of their lives.
-Set high standards for your business and go above and beyond.