How To Attract Destination Wedding Clients
by Easton Events



1. Expand Your Vendor Reach

If you want to do destination work & work nationally you need to collaborate with national vendors. So your first step is expand your vendor reach. Instead of using your “go to” photography partner, for example, reach out to someone across the country who has “name brand” recognition for your next big event. They are, of course, typically a bit more expensive than your local options but it might be a win for both your client and for you to do so. 

Working with nationally known vendors helps to increase your exposure in other markets as they use social media to promote your event. Demonstrating that you work with national vendors also lets your potential destination client trust that you have experience working with creative partners outside of your home base. Whether we are working in Charleston, Telluride or the Bahamas, we offer our clients the option to work with the best vendors to accomplish their vision. For any given wedding, our bespoke event team could include a photographer from California, floral designer from New York, stationery company from Charleston, and a band from Atlanta. While we are fortunate to have incredible local vendors, destination brides value our ability to work with talent across the country.

2. Get Published

To attract destination wedding clients, you need to focus on sharing your work beyond your website. When we ask our clients how they learned about Easton, one of our greatest compliments is when their response is “everywhere!”. If you want to be recognized nationally, having a print and online presence is critical. While not every client will be comfortable with publishing, make sure to capitalize on the clients who are.

When reaching for publication here are a few tips:

• Focus on the details

• Think like an editor and envision how the design will layout on a page

• Collaborate closely with your photographer and vendor team to ensure they understand the key shots and publishing objective

• Make sure you build a thorough event timeline that allows for the full scope of the vision to be captured

• Most importantly, make sure your bride and groom approve having their wedding to be featured before submitting

3. Consistent Brand

Over the years we have intentionally defined a strong brand - timeless, effortlessly elegant, and intentionally understated. While each of our weddings reflects the personality and individual style of our client, upon hiring Easton, there is a fundamental trust that the event will be built on that foundation. Once clients begin to recognize your work through press and social media, they start to understand that you deliver a consistent brand no matter the destination.

Here are a few tips for defining your brand:

• Curate your work to attract your ideal client

• Remember: Instagram is considered your living professional portfolio!

• Be consistent - make sure your message is the same among all social media platforms as well as your website, printed materials, and your office branding – anything that interacts with the client.

4. Take Risks!

If destination planning is your goal then you need a portfolio to prove it so prepare to take risks! Do not be afraid to reduce your pricing or adjust your standard planning package. Make sure to set yourself apart from the local options and be ready to prove your value! You may need to prioritize professional reward over financial reward.

Cheers to you!

Lynn and Easton Events 

Banner Photos: Corbin Gurkin