Following purchase, you will receive an email confirming your purchase. Within 72 hours of completing your purchase, you will receive two additional emails:

  • one with instructions on how to install the software and how to activate your unique license.

  • one with a link to the course content.

Follow the steps to install the software and activate your license and then access the email with the link to the course content, and you’ll be all set!




You will receive a confirmation email once you have completed the purchase of the course via our website. Please hold on to this. This email acts as your proof of purchase. 


You will receive a second email within 72 hours of purchasing the course. This email will include instructions on installing the software required to view the course content, and instructions on how to activate your license:

STEP 1. Install the software. Here are specific installation instructions for each kind of operating system:

Please note that your license allows you to download the content on only one device so choose carefully!!

STEP 2. Activate your license by clicking on the link embedded in the email. 


Following Email 2, you will receive a third email. This email will have a link to the course content (as a .zip file). Click on the link and the files will be downloaded to your computer.

PLEASE NOTE: If you have any issues regarding the installation or registering of your license, please visit the support centre. This covers some of the most common issues related to software installation and license registration. Also, see the FAQ's below. If you're question isn't answered, visit the software knowledge base. If that still doesn't help, please contact customer support



How / where do I get the course I have just purchased?        

Within 72 hours of completing your purchase, you will receive an email with information on how to download the software and register your license and another email that contains the course content. 

I completed the purchase but haven’t received a confirmation email.

Please check your junk mail folder. If you haven’t received the confirmation email, please contact us.  Alternately, you may have incorrectly entered your email address by mistake when submitting your details to our website, you will need to contact us in this case. If you have checked your junk mail folder and still haven't received your confirmation email, contact us here and provide the following information: date of purchase, the full name of purchaser, the email address associated with purchase, and the last 4 digits of your credit card.   

What is a the format of the course?        

The course is delivered as .pdc files. A PDC file is proprietary encapsulation of a .pdf file, created through licensed software from a company called LockLizard Safeguard. The content of a PDC file is the course content for Wedding Styling 101.                   

How do I open the PDC file?            

Within 72 hours of purchasing Wedding Styling 101, you will receive an email with the subject line “LockLizard Safeguard Secure PDF Viewer Registration”. The email has the instructions on how to install the software required to view the files, as well as instructions on how to activate your license. You will need to be online to complete the installation. After that, you will receive another email with the subject line “Wedding Styling 101 Course Content”. Complete the software install and license activation and you will be able to open the PDC files in the course content email.                

I received a new computer (or my computer has been re-imaged) and now I am getting an error regarding licensing (“no more licenses available.”)

Licenses are tied to the network card's MAC address, IP address, and your computer's operating system. If any of these change your license will not be valid. If this happens,  contact us to request a replacement license.                   

I tried registering on my notebook computer as well as my desktop but receive the error “no more licenses”

You are only licensed to view the course on one device.          

Can I give my license to somebody else?        

No, licenses to view Wedding Styling 101 are personalized, and once you have initialized an individual license, it cannot be used on any other machine.                 

Can I print the course?            

No, printing the course is not possible with the software being used for the course.

Can I copy text of the course?                    

No, it is not possible to copy and paste content.

When I try to open the PDF files, I get the error "Please close your screen capture application".    

You have to close any screen grabber (or applications that have similar functionality such as the Windows snipping tool) before opening PDC files. This is one of a number of measures used to prevent unauthorized screenshot copying of content. For instance, if you have an application (process) running which ends in ‘capture.exe’ (e.g. screencapture.exe, m4capture.exe, wincapture.exe) then you will have to close down that process, and any others that end in ‘capture.exe’ by pressing CTRL-ALT-DEL on your keyboard to load Task Manager, and then in Task Manager > Processes highlight the processes and delete them. Unless you do this, the PDC document will not open.


PLEASE NOTE: If your question isn’t answered above, visit the software knowledge base. If your issue is not answered here then please contact us.